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Many Mac Pro users usually install Windows in dual boot using Boot Camp or in Next Loader will appear as OS X in Boot Camp and will do a.

This allows Time machine to make its next backup really quickly. Rather than having to scan every file for its modified date, it can just consult the list of changed folders.

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Time Machine will backup all the drives to one backup drive but keep each drive separate. You can also use Time Machine or another backup utility that backs up each drive to its own partition on the backup drive. Pretty much all backup utilities can do incremental backups that only backup the changes since the last backup. But do not attempt to backup to a disk image file. For some people, Time Machine will be more than adequate.

How To Use Time Machine 2018

Time Machine is part of OS X. There are two components:.

How to Set Up Time Machine to Use Multiple Drives for Backup in Mac

A Time Machine application located in the Applications folder. It is used to manage backups and to restore backups. Time Machine requires a backup drive that is at least double the capacity of the drive s it backs up. You can make a bootable clone using the Restore option of Disk Utility. You can also make and maintain clones with good backup software. My personal recommendations are order is not significant:.

Although you can buy a complete external drive system, you can also put one together if you are so inclined. It's relatively easy and only requires a Phillips head screwdriver typically. You can purchase hard drives separately. This gives you an opportunity to shop for the best prices on a hard drive of your choice.

You can find reviews and benchmarks on many drives at Storage Review. You can find only FireWire enclosures, only USB enclosures, and enclosures that feature multiple ports. I would stress getting enclosures that use the Oxford chipsets especially for Firewire drives , , , for example.

You can find enclosures at places such as;. All you need do is remove a case cover, mount the hard drive in the enclosure and connect the cables, then re-attach the case cover. Usually, the only tool required is a small or medium Phillips screwdriver. Pondini Time Machine Web site shows as "suspended". I never heard from the family about maintaining it or taking it over. If they have suspended it then I assume they don't wish for it to carry on.

Use Multiple Drives for Time Machine

Nov 25, 3: Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed you here. Is Time Machine the best way to handle this? I've never used it but if TM will backup all the drives to one backup drive and keep each drive separate, this could be the answer. All I will say about Time Machine is that it is easy to setup and use.

Personally, I won't use it. I prefer using third-party backup software using incremental backups to a bootable clone. The latter can be a separate disk or a partition on a disk. Unlike Time Machine these backups can be used to replace a startup drive, are reliable, are faster than Time Machine, and use less disk space than Time Machine.

If the six drives you have were 1TB each, then you would need a minimum of 12TBs for the backup drive -at least times the capacity of the disks being backed up. Your 8TB drive is too small. Time Machine's big "claim to fame" is that it is the backup that actually gets done, because it works automatically and at low priority in the background, so that you don't have to set up a separate, convenient time to do nothing but backups.

There is no convenient time to back up and do Nothing else. The first full backup takes quite a while, but you don't give up the use of your Mac while it is working. Another "cute trick" is that Time Machine. Time Machine requires at least times that much capacity because Time Machine is not an incremental backup that overwrites old files. It is an archiving backup that keeps old and new versions so you can go back in time. CCC is great if you like finicking around and paying for it to avoid the nagware features and advertising.

Time Machine backups are complete backups of the system and are bootable and recoverable from especially if your main mac drive has Recovery HD installed as all new installs of MacOS have. Also TM can manage backups from two different disks on one volume, you don't need separate partitions. Dec 13, 5: I'm not disputing that CCC makes a bootable clone. I used to use it. But why install 3rd party software from an unidentified developer when TM does it for you built-in. Dec 13, 7: Dec 21, 6: I appreciate the replies and support around this issue.

Sorry my reply is so delayed, my drive just finished encrypting the gb backup of my Macintosh HD. However, Time Machine does not appear to have settings by which I can specify that I want the gb startup drive to also be backed up. I tried partitioning the drive and then backing it up, but there is no setting to specify which drive I want backed up, and TM seems to default to the Macintosh HD drive when I tried backing up to the second partition. I suppose I could use CCC, but I have used them in the past and was frustrated by having to buy updates every year.

Any other thoughts?

Setting up Time Machine With Multiple Drives

Dec 21, 7: CCC is a terrific app, though, and was free for quite a while. I rely on it and consider it well worth the cost. It will easily do exactly what you need, and Time Machine will not. Dec 21, 8: And, the bootable clones can do something TM cannot: Which, when you need to reinstall an earlier OS version, will not work. Having bootable clones has saved me from disaster several times over the years.

And, Bombich is not "unidentified"; he is a well known and trusted developer disclaimer: I am absolutely not involved with his company; I am simply a customer. I have no problem updating his app. You may not like it, but his app is well regarded here.

Time Machine backing up to two drives simultaneously, possible? | MacRumors Forums

See below for details. Backing-up multiple OSX volumes presents some different issues. If you have a "dual boot" setup with, for example, Lion installed on one volume and Snow Leopard on another, you have four options: It's usually best, simplest, and safest to back them up separately, to different volumes. The two volumes can be different drives, or different partitions on the same drive. On the Lion volume, exclude the Snow Leopard volume from backups, and on the Snow Leopard volume, exclude the Lion volume.

See question 10 for exclusion instructions. The downside is, if you make changes to the Lion volume from the Snow Leopard volume, those changes won't be backed-up until you boot into Lion and run a backup. See question 5 for partitioning instructions of a new drive or one you don't mind erasing, or question 6 to add a partition to an existing drive.

A more robust Time Machine backup system just by adding a second drive

If you're backing-up to a Time Capsule which can't be partitioned , consider connecting a USB drive to it or directly to your Mac , and backing-up one OSX volume to it. Back up both from one OSX volume only. The downside is, if you make a lot of changes while running on the one where Time Machine is off, they aren't backed-up until you switch to the other volume and a backup runs.

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And, if that's a laptop running Lion or later, it won't make any Local Snapshots. Back up both, from both OSX volumes, to the same volume. That can be a bit tricky, especially if you're excluding anything, as you must have the exclusions identical on both not as easy as it may sound. If you don't, an item will be backed-up when Time Machine runs on one volume, excluded on the second one, then backed-up again, in full, when you switch back to the first.

Back up both, from both OSX volumes, to different volumes. That can be done, but to get "dual backups" it's usually best to make one set with Time Machine, the other with a different app. See question 27 for an explanation and some suggestions.